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Tongji Student Choir Stage a Concert for 2017

By:University League Committee, Art Center  Published:12/27/2017 

The Student Choir of Tongji Art Troupe staged a vocal concert at Auditorium 129 on the Siping Campus on the evening of Dec. 19th. Over 300 teachers and students attended the concert.


The vocal concert began with an ethnic folk song of The Crescent Moon Is Rising. The song was brilliantly adapted with jazz characteristics and finely tuned for the choir`s young, vigorous voice. With its tender melody, the student performers vividly expressed a young man`s longing for tender love and excited the audience. Afterwards, the choir sang two Chinese traditional boudoir-plaint poems, the tragically touching Spring Sentiment and the soul-stirring I Live upstream by Yangtze Blue.Their attractive delivery further invoked the emotional reaction of the audience. Then there was the passionate, resonant Red All over the River performed by male singers which incisively captured the heroic spirit of the poem. And the Mediterranean folk song Tone Baralica brought back the childhood memories of the audience in flashbacks and echos. The concert came into a successful conclusion with the youthful, energetic choir`s four-vocal-part choir the View in the Rain.