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Internship Opportunities Provided by UNEP for Students from Tongji University

By:College of Environmental Science and Engineering  Published:12/25/2017 

Recently, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)has offered two places of internships for students from Tongji University thanks to the effort made by the College of Environmental Science and Engineering. The two recommended students will leave for the headquarter of UNEP in Nairobi in 2018, and participate in the program of cooperation between UNEP and the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, where they are expected to conduct related researches while applying what they have learned to the work at the UNEP. Moreover, they could bring back the latest information to Tongji to provide reference for students that are also eager to work in international institutions. The internship will last three to six months.


Though the intense competition, students responded to the application with great enthusiasm. The UN internship post placed high demands for applicants in their English language proficiency and professional knowledge. Therefore, the final recommendation can only be made after severe competition and thorough considerations. The first round of English proficiency test has finished and other ones will soon be held to test the comprehensive ability of applicants. Students who eventually succeed in their applications will be funded by the college for their internship.