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Tongji Students Receive Highest Honor in 2017 ‘Knowledge and Practice Cup’

By:University League Committee  Published:12/15/2017 
The 2017 ‘Knowledge and Practice Cup’ of Shanghai College Students came to a successful conclusion on Dec. 8th. Students from Tongji University entered the final competition with 10 social practice programs, and won 1 Grand Prize, 3 First Prizes, 2 Second Prizes, and 4 Third Prizes in the end. In addition, our students earned the ‘Knowledge and Practice Cup,’ the highest honor in this contest on collegiate social practice with the second-to-none ranking points in total.
The 10 programs initiated by Tongji students, consistent with the national development strategy, all focused on hot, innovative issues in today`s society (including urban planning, educational aid, and public service) and were conducted in various ways (including urban-rural field research, developmental theory introduction, and interview transcription).

The ‘Knowledge and Practice Cup’ is co-organized by Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Committee on Cultural and Ethical Progress, CPC Education and Health Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Shanghai Students` Federation. This large-scale competition is held annually with numerous participants and great social influence. Through professional knowledge introduction, funding, first classrooms, and the use of media, the social practice programs from Tongji this year sought to lead students to listen to great stories in China and tell their own stories in Tongji on the one hand, and to call for students` down-to-earth actions for the country`s development while remaining true to people`s original aspiration on the other hand.