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Tongji Football Team Wins Championship in Shanghai and Enters National Final

By:Physical Education Department  Published:11/29/2017 

The Collegiate Championship Final for the 2017 Shanghai Student Football League (SSFL) was held at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology on Nov 24th. After an intense 90-minute rivalry, the Tongji football team defeated the Shanghai Maritime University team with a final score of 3:1 and thus, garnered the admission to the National Final for the 2018 China University Football League (DUFL) as the champion in Shanghai. Following the Tongji Super Football Team, the Tongji football team has become the second team to enter the National Final. The two men`s football teams, representing both the Tongji and Shanghai Maritime universities, will continue to strive in the national competition and definitely start a new chapter in Tongji football history.


The Tongji football team is characterized by its diversity, consisting of students ranging from undergraduate students to PhD candidates from various schools and colleges. Ordinary students, as they are, the team members aspire to fight with a sense of purpose and compete for their dream and honor in the National Final. They are the promising ones who speak for their own dreams and self-development.