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Students Win Accolades in the 2017 Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest for International Students

By:International School of Tongji University   Published:11/24/2017 
The 2017 Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest for International Students in Shanghai, with the theme being ‘Poetry for Endless Afterthoughts, Ode to Eternal Friendship,’ took place on Nov. 19, 2017.

Through the WeChat public account of the International Student Office at Tongji University, the notice of the Preliminary for the Recitation Contest was widely advertised among the international students in our university, and thus drew a significant number of contestants from abroad who were interested in the recitation of Chinese literary works.
The international students from 19 universities in Shanghai participated in the contest. The Preliminary was held within each university, and the second round was organized through online voting. Eventually, participants from 34 countries studying in 16 universities in Shanghai entered the final competition with 18 recitation performances. WANG Yamei, a student from the International School of Tongji University, who performed the recitation of a Chinese modern poem Spring, along with a group consisting of YAN Feifei, CHUN Yan, WU Songxi, and WANG Yamei who performed the Chinese modern poem the Night at the South, entered the final.

In the end, WANG Yamei from Bangladesh garnered First Prize in the individual competition. YAN Feifei from Ukraine, WU Songxi from South Korea, as well as WANG Yamei received the second prize in the group competition.