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HU Chenyun Tells the Story of Suona at Tongji University

By:Women`s School of Tongji University  Published:11/23/2017 
On the afternoon of November 14th, HU Chenyun, a suona master from the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, was invited to hold a lecture on suona at Tongji University. It was one of the theme lectures focused on ‘Traditional Chinese Music’ hosted by the Women’s School of Tongji University.
Suona is a traditional Chinese folk music instrument. In the lecture, HU presented the suona image by explaining, illustrating and performing it. Three different sizes of suona (large, medium and small) were shown to the audience, each with distinct musical properties. Compared with the ‘big’ suona which made low and grand sound, ‘medium’ ones were characterized by their melodious tone with relative ‘small’ ones featuring soft melody. In order to enable the audience to better understand the characteristics of the suona, HU played for them a well-known suona musical piece, Hundreds Birds Worshiping the Phoenix.

Today, the decline in suona performances is a worrisome concern. Hu believes, while the decline of the traditional suona performance is an inevitable trend of the time, the suona has also come to a critical time of innovation. Closer attention will have to be paid to the requirements of listeners by expanding and innovating the forms and styles of music if the suona is to leave its trace in today's music appreciation.