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JIANG Bo Attends Opening Ceremony of Confucius Institute in Leibniz Universität,Hannover, Germany

By:International School of Tongji University  Published:11/16/2017 

On the evening of Nov. 7th, Leibniz Konfuzius Institut Hannover (Leibniz Confucius Institute Hannover), organized jointly by Tongji University and Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), was inaugurated in Germany. Mr. Volker Epping, President of LUH, and Mr. JIANG Bo, Vice President of Tongji University, delivered their joint address.


In his speech, Mr. Epping stated that both LUH and Tongji University are famous for engineering research and education, that the inauguration of this new Confucius Institute would intensify the cooperation between the two universities, and will create potential opportunitiesinChina for Hannover, acity known for hosting commercial fairs.


Mr. JIANG recalled the long-standing historical bond between Tongji University and Germany, and looked ahead saying that, based on the shared dedication of both sides of the inauguration, Leibniz Konfuzius Institut Hannover would become a platform for the two universities and even different regions in the world to know each other better.


On the inauguration day, scholars from LUH and Tongji exchanged opinions on ‘what China`s power is.’ In addition, Prof. HU Chunchun from the German Studies Center at Tongji University and Prof.Steffi Robak, President of the School of Vocational Education and Continuing Education, LUH had a conversation together in that regard which was moderated by Prof. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, a renowned sinologist from Germany.