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Tongji Students Win Special Award in the 2017 ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Public Speaking Contest

By:School of Foreign Languages  Published:11/14/2017 

In the 2017 ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Public Speaking Contest (Shanghai)held on Nov. 4th, Miss FAN Jinrui, a student from the School of Political Science and International Relations, Tongji University, garnered the special award with her exceptional performance.She will attend the National Final in Beijing on Nov. 12th on behalf of university student competitors from Shanghai.


This is the second time for our students to win a grand prize in the ‘FLTRP Cup’ English contests within just half a month. In Phase Two of the 2017 ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Reading Contest(Shanghai)held on Oct. 21st, LIU Mingbo and KONG Xianglong, both from Tongji, won the special award and asecond prize, respectively. Furthermore, in the 2017 ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Writing Contest on the same day, Tongji students WANG Lin, WANG Rui, and ZHANG Wenjing won a first, a second, and athird prize, respectively.


‘FLTRP Cup’ English Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking Contests, characterized by their large scale and intense competition, are co-organized by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press(FLTRP), National Foreign Languages Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, and National Advisory Board on Teaching English Language to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. Theystand out among similar English contests for the high professionalismand widespread impact, and thus draw much public attention as well as a significant number of college students registering as contestants every year.