Hospital of Stomatology Subordinated to Tongji University

Hospital of Stomatology Subordinated to Tongji University (hereinafter abbreviated as Hospital of Stomatology or the Hospital) is a specialized hospital of stomatology packaged with a multitude of functions of teaching, research and medical service, currently the only one of its kind in the Shanghai metropolis. It is also a Master degree awarding station. Located in the northern part of Shanghai municipality, it takes up a land area of 7,300 sq. Meters with a building floor space of 13,700 sq. Meters used for purposes of medical care, teaching, research and residence. As a department of stomatology, it was founded in 1984, on the basis of which, in 1995 a hospital of stomatology was set up and the year 1996 saw the department upgraded into a college of stomatology. In 2000 the Hospital was approved to be a Class 3 specialized hospital.

Being well equipped, the Hospital consists of such clinical and auxiliary departments as a Department of Oral Medicine, a Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, a Department of Prosthodontics, a Department of Orthodontics, a Department of Pediatric Dentistry, a Department of Oral Radiology, a Center of Dental Impantology, with 2 teaching sections and 2 research institutes, of which pediatric dentistry stands in the lead in Shanghai Municipality, with its laboratory open to Ministry of Railway.
The Hospital has a full-time staff numbering 116, with 99 in medical and technical sections, among whom are 28 are holding a professional status equal to or higher than that of an associate professor. Thirty percent of the physicians are holding Master degrees or higher.

The Hospital keeps in its possession facilities and instruments imported from such countries as Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, Denmark, etc., and such regions as Taiwan. Those advanced specialized facilities and instruments include 70 advanced dental units, full-ranged maxillofacial laminographic X-ran machines, panoramic dental X-ray machines, vacuum ultrasophisticated casting machines, and automatic porcelain furnaces, etc.

The hospital is also noted for its medical service provided in a few areas, such as early prevention and treatment of infantile cares, early corrective treatment of juvenile dentition growth and development, combined treatment of mucosal diseases with modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of Sleep Apnea Syndrome, oral implantation and repair, dental extraction with cardiovascular functions monitored, diagnosis and treatment of prosopalgia, difficult and complicated complete denture repair, etc. Currently the Hospital is undertaking 28 ministry-level or internationally cooperative research projects, and 4 national research projects in continuing education. Every year dozens of professionals from throughout the country are admitted into the refresher courses prov?琼?? ?ided by the Hospital. A relationship of sister colleges has been established between the Hospital and 2 Japanese colleges, and friendly academic ezchanges and cooperation have been carried out between this Hospital of Stomatology and academic institutions in over 10 countries including USA, Canada, and a few southeast Asian countries, and between this Hospital and institutions in such regions as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.